Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Breast Enhancement Surgery
Cosmetic Breast Enhancement Surgery has been among the most popular cosmetic surgeries that happened in the year of 2000. As per ASPS, the number of women that went for breast augmentation in the year 2000 was a magnanimous 212,500.
But there are certain side effects of having these silicone implants and many women have suffered because of these cosmetic changes. Every women must remember this and thus, should know each side of the coin before going under the knife.
FDA banned gel implants with Silica in 1992 and a bad or a teared breast implant means that the Health Insurance Coverage is well and truly denied.
Not only this, the probability and puncture rate of deflation is more in Saline filled implants than the Silicone gel implants. This means that the frequency of surgeries for replacement is higher.
Doctor Lori Brown, who is working for FDA , has also mentioned in his studies that there is a growing agreement over the fact that the number of breast implant rupture have become higher than they were suspected previously.
It is also observed that the growth rate of cancers in women with implants increased to 21 percent as compared to the other counterparts belonging to the  same age group.
It is worth noting that the deadly cases of lung cancer, pneumonia and emphysema occurred three times more in implant patients than the other surgery patients.
For this reason one should first  consider alternative methods like Breast Gain”
Close to 8000 women with implants that included saline and gel implants with silicone, were made the subject of this study based on their death certificates and medical records.
Also, a large number (more than 2000) of other surgery patients were also studied for the same purpose. (ABT Associates, Boston University, NCI (National Cancer Institute), FDA along with Doctor Louise Brinton of NCL as the head author.)
Looking younger is a thing we all want, before thinking surgery, first considered  professional anti aging remedies most of the time this painless method will work.
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Top 5 Breast Implant Facts and The 1st Regret Women Have Afterward

Breast Implant Fact #1: Breast implants are not lifetime devices.

According to the FDA, the longer a woman carries breast implants, the greater are the chances that she will develop complications, some of which will require additional surgery to treat medical complications such as breast pain and atrophy, capsular contracture, extrusion of the implant through the skin or toxic shock syndrome. Cosmetic reasons for additional surgery include asymmetry, deflation, malposition, and unsatisfactory size and style.
“The life of these devices varies according to the individual,” says Gretchen Burns, a nurse consultant at FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). “All women with implants will face additional surgeries—no one can tell them when.” While a few women have kept their original implants for 20-30 years, “that is not the common experience.”

Breast Implant Fact #2: You must do your breast implant research.

Approved breast implants come with a Summary of Safety and Effectiveness Data (SSED) for each implant that lists their characteristics and the types of fillers used whether it be a silicone gel or the relatively safer saline solution. Included in the SSEDs are information about the indications for use, risks, warnings, precautions, and studies associated with FDA’s approval of the breast implant as well as the frequency of serious complications found in a particular manufacture or implant type.
The FDA advises women considering breast implant surgery to ask their surgeon ahead of time for the latest product review before making a decision.

Breast Implant Fact #3: Communicate with the surgeon.

Surgeons must evaluate the shape, size, surface texture and placement of the implant and the incision site for each woman. As such, any information that you can provide about previous surgeries where excessive scarring may have occurred can help your surgeon decide how best to approach the surgery.
In addition, before committing to having breast implant surgery is the time to let your surgeon know what your desires are in an implant as well as your fears and concerns. Don’t wait until you are flat on your back on a gurney while being wheeled to the operating room.

Breast Implant Fact #4: Learn about long-term risks.

Although breast implants are approved by the FDA as being considered generally safe, this does mean that they are necessarily risk-free. In some cases involving women with breast implants there have been associations with incidences of connective tissue diseases, lactation difficulties and reproductive problems. Furthermore, the FDA has identified a possible association between breast implants and the development of anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), a rare type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma not to be confused with breast cancer. Women who have breast implants may have a very small but increased risk of developing ALCL in the fluid or scar tissue surrounding the implant.

Breast Implant Fact #5: Implants are high maintenance and monitoring them is crucial.

According to the FDA women with breast implants should:

• promptly report any unusual signs or symptoms to their health care providers, and report any serious side effects to MedWatch, FDA’s safety information and adverse event reporting program.

• have MRI screenings when carrying silicone implants to detect silent ruptures three years after their surgery and every two years after that, which may not be covered by your medical health insurance provider

• continue to perform self-examinations and get mammograms to look for early signs of cancer. “Just because you have implants doesn’t mean you can ignore other breast health recommendations,” states Ms. Burns.

Breast implants play an important role in quality of life issues for many women―especially for those in need of reconstruction after breast cancer surgery or trauma, to correct developmental defects, or to correct or improve the

 7 month after augmentation,

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